Funktified Food, the first web series dedicated to unique recipes with a blend of great music, is hosted by nationally touring singer-songwriter Dan Vaillancourt. Dan isn’t a chef; he’s just a musician who loves to cook. His cooking style blends influences ranging from growing up with daily home-cooked meals to dishes from the unique cafes and restaurants he has visited during his travels.

The show demonstrates versatile recipes simple enough for anyone to make, regardless of their cooking experience; so get your family, friends, kids and neighbors involved! For those who want to get even more creative, we often suggest multiple options and variations of a dish, including vegetarian and/or vegan options. The goal of the show is to get people back into the kitchen to create their own meals. Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. Good ingredients combined with a little creativity can go a long way. Make mine Funktified!

In addition to the web series, Dan has shared multiple meal ideas, tips and food photos on Funktified Food Facebook. He is also available for live cooking demonstrations.


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Dan Vaillancourt - Host, Funktified Foodman, Food Fact Researcher, Producer, Photographer & Funktified Folkman

Paul Schmidt – Cameraman, Video Editor, Director, Food Taster, Producer & Many Other Official-sounding Titles

Nathan Norman Brandt- Occasional Second Cameraman, Food Taster, Drummer & Merchman

Emily Heinlen – Food Fact Researcher & The Official Funktified Food Copy Editor


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